Wonderful Wedding Photo Booth Hire in Stockenchurch Buckinghamshire

When it comes to weddings, planning ahead is an important part of making it all go smoothly. Knowing they wanted a photo booth at their wedding, Linda and Colin booked us well in advance for their happy day and we were thrilled to be there with them in leafy Buckinghamshire. With 150 guests to entertain, we were very busy from the start. The happy bride and groom Linda and Colin were the first to jump into our photo booth, making sure they had the first picture in the guestbook, which is just how it should be. We didn’t need to encourage the guests to add their extra prints to the guestbook as they could see how much it meant to the bride and groom to be included in it.

Weddings are great fun for us as they have such a mix of ages, from new-born babies to great granddads. We had tiny babies, pregnant mums, uncles and aunts, granddads, brides maids, best men, best friends and work colleagues all getting to know each other in and around our booth. At one stage we had a “pose off” with Linda’s work colleagues, they each had to out doo each other’s posing! What a bunch of posers they were too ☺ I must say they particularly good at swapping props between pictures.

We came highly recommended to Linda from good friends of hers, whom we had met at another wonderful wedding last year. She didn’t need much persuading to book us as soon as she saw some of the entertaining and memorable Bubble Booths images they showed off to her.

Being organised and booking our photo booth well in advance for your wedding is a great idea as it relieves the stress of leaving it all to the last minute and avoids disappointment of finding us fully booked. Our guest book is wonderful memento of such a special occasion. I t doesn’t compete with the formal images of bride and groom taken by the professional photographer, instead it complements it. The great thing about a photo booth is that it’s an attraction, a lovely way of breaking the ice and getting people to talk to each other. It creates fun magic moments of friends and family. We often hear side-splitting laughter coming from behind the photo booth curtain and then we get to see the captured moments that created the fun!

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