The Fun of Bubble Booths Photo Booth Hire Prints

In these days of digital media, what’s so often missing is a good-old fashioned photographic print – there in your hand, to be stuck on a noticeboard, sent to family and friends or – for the organised among us – put neatly in an album. Nowadays the images we take on digital cameras or mobile phones all too often stay on the screen, very rarely printed out, sometimes sent as email jpegs which stay in the in-box rather than being transformed into good quality prints.

The response we get to Bubble Booths photo booth hire prints when people see them is; “Wow, what fantastic quality prints!” We love hearing that as behind-the-scenes we’ve gone to a lot of trouble to ensure that our booths print out high quality prints. As we explain to our clients, the great thing about having a Bubble Booths entertainment photo booth at your special event – whether it’s a wedding,  a birthday party or an anniversary celebration – is that everyone who uses the booth gets to go away with a lovely photographic print, a wonderful souvenir of that special occasion.

At a party hire in High Barnet in north London the other day, we saw what fun they are for families. Two of the kids at the party were into it immediately, diving into the prop box, then strutting their stuff in the booth and coming up with great prints. Their Dad saw the prints and immediately said “We don’t have a picture of all of us anywhere – let’s do a family photo!”  So there they were, a whole family having a laugh as they took photos of themselves in the booth. They left with a handful of great prints, absolutely thrilled with those pictures of themselves and their children having a great time together.

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